At SenseOne, our vision is to deliver IoT solutions that exceed customer’s expectations.

We came to work on the Internet of Things from on the ground challenges to connect assets and systems inside commercial and industrial buildings.

From a business standpoint, we have created an IoT middleware platform that is capable of reducing the lifecycle cost and effort of multiple integrations that are central to any IoT implementation.

From a technical standpoint, we have focused on interoperability requirements and developed a scalable IoT middleware layer for integrating heterogeneous systems and enabling connected environments.

Today, SenseOne has expanded to become a leading regional IoT solutions provider by designing and implementing IoT projects of varying sophistication levels: from smart metering (electricity, gas, water) to remote management of heating/cooling, lighting, BMS systems, building-integrated renewables, IT/non-IT equipment and assets inside buildings, water and wastewater infrastructure management to complex Smart Cities and Industrial IoT solutions.



Highlights and major achievements in SenseOne’s history are:

  • 2011: completion of investment and R&D in monitoring and control solutions for solar PV parks & launch of pvSense; acquisition of paying customers in the solar PV monitoring market.
  • 2012: international business expansion and direct market entry into primary solar PV markets (UK and France); received international recognition as top 3 finalist among 70 companies in Entrepreneurs TechWeek VC competition in London.
  • 2013: expanded traction with 400+ MW monitored from 300.000+ metering points at 600+ Solar PV sites across Europe; acknowledged as key international player in the global Solar PV monitoring markets by GTM Research.
  • 2014: strategic business repositioning towards the Internet of Things market, launch of buildingSense SaaS for the Building Internet of Things market; acknowledged by Cisco as an emerging Internet of Things software player at Cisco Connect
  •  2015: acquisition of paying customers for the Internet of Things inside commercial and industrial buildings; global recognition as one of the “Top 50 Most Promising IoT Solutions Providers”  from the independent tech market analysis platform CIOReview (California, USA)
  • 2016:SingularLogic Group, the No 1 Greek Software Vendor and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece, have made a strategic investment in SenseOne; expanded traction into the banking, facility management and power utilities sectors
  • 2017– launch of SenseOne IoT Platform


Market Traction

  • Paying customers for IoT projects include commercial banks, big retailers (food and non-food), real estate owners and developers, facility management companies, hospitals, private schools, operators of industrial parks, utilities and municipalities.
  • International R&D activity in the field of Smart Cities: member of EU-funded Optimus project which delivered an integrated ICT platform for collecting and structuring open data by use of semantic technologies from five domains, e.g. weather conditions, social mining, buildings’ energy profiles, energy prices, energy production in three European cities, namely Savona (Italy), Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain) and Zaanstad (The Netherlands).



SenseOne IoT Platform simplifies the complexities of multiple integrations between heterogeneous assets, meters/sub meters, equipment, sensors and Enterprise Applications systems (EAM, BIM, ERP, CRM, BI, HCM and Retail systems). It is multi-platform and device-agnostic for supporting the rigorous demands of IoT-based interoperability.

SenseOne IoT Platform provides a single pool for protocol convergence between more than 70 industry-standard protocols across the domains of automatic meter reading, power system automation, building automation, process automation and industrial control systems.

The sophistication of SenseOne IoT Platform includes robotic processes for event-based interactions and smart tasks automation including enforcement of case-sensitive data integrity schemas as well as a processing layer based on engines for event management, calculation, archiving and BIG DATA presentation. Key features are:


  • data-first design for simplifying tagging and data modeling processes
  • processing layer based on engines: event management, calculation, archiving, presentation
  • tree-structured GUI (Java Script, High Charts) for parent-child structure definitions
  • use of 70+ industry standard communication protocols as well as support of proprietary communication schemas
  • HTTP/S or LAN for data gathering
  • data feeds support JSON, XML, and CSV formats to store data as virtual data points                
  • data processing that allows for averaging, median, summing and custom expressions
  • authentication mechanisms LDAP, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for mobile
  • APIs for bi-directional communication with any web enabled device /interoperability with Enterprise Application Software based on micro-web services
  • ready for cloud or on premises deployment


IoT solutions for Smart Buildings

SenseOne offers a suite of enterprise-grade Smart Buildings Solutions under the brand name buildingSense. To date, commercial banks, big retailers (food and non-food), real estate owners and developers, facility management companies, hospitals, private schools and industrial customers in South Eastern Europe use our smart buildings solution for implementing Internet of Things projects inside commercial and industrial buildings. buildingSense is based on SenseOne IoT Platform which offers unparalleled interoperability through a converged monitoring and control IoT-based infrastructure. Key features of buildingSense are:


  • sensing and processing of unstructured data from smart meters (electricity, gas, water), lighting, HVAC, elevators, refrigerators, building-integrated renewable technologies (solar PV, wind, biomass), IT and non-IT assets
  • triggering of event-based reactions which eliminate waste of resource and ‘feed’ management reporting cause-effect analysis per a single mouse click using preconfigured charts and tables
  • use of several communication open protocols including BACnet, ZigBee, oBIX, LonWorks, M-Bus, Modbus, SNMP, XML, OPC, KNX and support of proprietary protocols as well as limitless integration capabilities with a variety of BMS systems
  • remote control of IoT devices: resource meters/sub meters, sensors, HVAC, lighting, BMS using a unified UI
  • powerful user-defined alarms handling mechanism that builds on hierarchy and combination of rules, independently of metering points and buildings
  • BIG DATA handling and creation of unlimited multi-level virtual data points by use of the embedded calculation engine
  • GUI-based comparisons of multiple time series, overlay plots display daily, monthly and/or certain periods on a single 24-hour time series.
  • hierarchical summaries by different levels: from portfolio level energy data down to individual building’s energy data
  • multiple capabilities to consolidate, analyze and visualize streams of energy consumption BIG DATA combined with energy production data from building-integrated renewable technologies (solar PV, wind, biomass)
  • embedded evaluation algorithm that allows for converting energy measurements into accurate economic and environmental equivalent metrics based on comparisons of actual measurements with predicted baselines
  • EnPIs Calculation by customer/tenant defined factors such as building area, number of occupants, etc.
  • auto-detection of data sets outliers (e.g Peak Demands) and decomposition of time series.
  • normalization of data by dimensions of degree days (heating and cooling), occupancy/non-occupancy hours
  • multiple integration capabilities with Enterprise Asset Management, Building Information Modeling, ERP, CRM, HCM, BI and Retail systems as well as industry-standard databases by use of SenseOne API


Internet of Things for Smart Cities

SenseOne’s Smart City solution is intended to support digital transformation initiatives of municipalities and utilities. It is based on SenseOne IoT Platform which serves as the middleware layer for cross-domain interoperability and operational automation within city infrastructure. Our solution offering includes IoT-based applications for the collection and processing of open data in the following digital domains of a Smart City:


  • Smart public buildings
  • Energy management for city infrastructure
  • Smart grid/net metering for power generation from building integrated renewables
  • Monitoring and control of outdoor lighting infrastructure
  • Monitoring and control of water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Waste management
  • Monitoring of location-specific environmental conditions
  • Noise monitoring in urban environments
  • Connected assets and equipment solutions for enabling smart connected sites and industrial parks



Dec 2017: SenseOne at Smart Cities Conference, Athens

Dimos Giannakoulopoulos, Business Development Director at SingularLogic Software Technologies Div., and VP Business Development at SenseOne, gave a speech about the transformational impact of IoT towards smart cities at the Smart Cities Conference, held under the auspices of Ministry of Environment & Energy and Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media in Athens.


Dec 2017: Yannis Theodoropoulos’s panel discussion at the 6th Arab-Hellenic Forum

Yannis Theodoropoulos, EVP SingularLogic Software Technologies and CEO SenseOne, recently attended the the 6th Arab-Hellenic Forum in Athens where he joined Mr. George Florentis, General Secretary, Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, Greece and distinguished speakers from MENA region in a discussion on “Digital & Technological Advancements – Creation of New Economic Realities” in view of the Arab-Hellenic business relationships.


Nov 2017: SenseOne showcased SenseOne IoT Platform at the 2nd EU-Arab World Summit

SenseOne participated at the 2nd EU-Arab World Summit “Towards a Solid Alliance” ( which was held under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos in Athens, Greece. We showcased our solution for integrating Building Information Modelling with SenseOne IoT Platform under the commercial umbrella of our strategic partner BIM Centers – CCC, a pioneer in the construction technologies industry for BIM-based services related to Integrated Project Delivery (from design to construction and commissioning) of large scale projects such as buildings, infrastructures, ports, airports, oil & gas pipelines, power plants etc.. BIM Centers-CCC are part of CCC Group which is a mega international contractor established in 1952 with current turnover around 5bn USD and operations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.


May 2017: SenseOne@”Smart Cities – Digital Citizens” Conference

Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO SenseOne, gave a presentation on the Internet of Things for Smart Cities during the multi-session conference “Smart Cities – Digital Citizens” in Athens. Yannis  explained how IoT could become a key theme of the agenda for Smart Cities during the panel discussion with executives from Microsoft, Cosmote, Intracom Telecom and Quest Group and before an audience of elected local government officials and municipalities officers.


Apr 2017: SenseOne@”FM Days 2017”

Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO SenseOne, participated as keynote speaker on the Internet of Things during “FM Days 2017”. FM Days is the annual conference of the Hellenic Facility Management Association aimed at promoting innovation and technology trends in facility management.


Dec 2016: SenseOne won “Gold Environmental Award”

SenseOne has been announced as winner of Gold Environmental Award, reflecting the first large scale IoT implementation for energy efficiency in the commercial banking sector in Greece.


Oct 2016: SenseOne Advertorial on the Greek edition of Forbes

Click on image to read the full article (Only Greek version available).


Oct 2016: SenseOne participated at the 3rd Facility Management Conference 2016

Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO of SenseOne, participated as a key speaker at the 3rd Facility Management Conference 2016. The conference was held in Athens on October 12th 2016 and brought together leading Facility Management experts and industry professionals to share best practices in the broader FM services market. Yannis’s presentation "Buildings Internet of Things and Energy Efficiency Solutions" introduced the concept of IoT in commercial and industrial buildings with regards to the strategic role of the FM industry.


Sep 2016: Interview with Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO of SenseOne, published in the September edition of 'Plant'

Click on image to read the full article (Only Greek version available).


Sep 2016: IoT Conference in Athens, Greece

Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO of SenseOne, participated as a key speaker at IoT Conference 2016. The conference was held in Athens, on September 19th 2016 and brought together leading IoT experts and industry professionals to exchange ideas on the practical issues concerning the IoT ecosystem, which will eventually influence business plans and future investments. Yannis’s presentation "Convergence of Energy, IT and Telecommunications Technologies" introduced the Internet of Energy concept as a part of the broader IoT opportunity in Greece 


Jul 2016: SenseOne announces strategic investment from SingularLogic

SenseOne today announces that SingularLogic Group, the No 1 Greek Software Vendor and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece, have made a strategic investment in the company.

Commenting on the investment, Stavros Krasadakis, CEO of SingularLogic Group said: ‘We look forward to helping accelerate growth of SenseOne which is one of the most promising tech startups in Southeast Europe due to its excellence in delivering top-notch solutions for the Internet-of-Things in buildings”.

“We are pleased to announce the strategic investment from SingularLogic” said Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO of SenseOne. “SenseOne’s solutions will continue to break new ground, benefiting its customers in the rapidly emerging Buildings Internet of Things (#BIoT) market.


Dec 2015: SenseOne won silver in the “2015 Energy Mastering Awards”

SenseOne was selected by the committee of the “2015 Energy Mastering Awards” for the silver award for Energy Efficiency Solutions and Technologies. This award is a recognition of the energy efficiency results that our buildingSense SaaS offers to one of the most dynamic Greek companies in the electrical and light fittings sector.


Nov 2015 : SenseOne selected by CIOReview as one of the most promising IoT Solutions Providers for 2015

CIOReview has chosen SenseOne for its ‘50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers 2015’.  SenseOne has received recognition for its excellence in innovating Internet of Things in commercial and industrial buildings.  

The annual CIOReview’s list of the ‘50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers’ features market-ready solutions with measurable business impact.  “SenseOne has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the IoT space, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch Software for the Internet-of-Things in buildings,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor, CIOReview. “SenseOne’s solutions continued to break new ground within the past year and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

“SenseOne is honored to be recognized by CIOReview’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” commented Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO, SenseOne. “Since inception, SenseOne’s stated goal is to simplify the monitoring and control of heterogeneous ‘things’. Hence, we enable owners and tenants of commercial and industrial buildings to save 10% to 20% in annual buildings’ resource costs, including: electricity, gas, water, and building’s equipment.”

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About CIOReview  (

CIOReview constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to tech business. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, CIOReview’s editors choose the best in different domains.


Jun 2015 : Printec Group and SenseOne partner to launch buildings Internet of Things solutions across South Eastern Europe

Printec Group announces that it enters into a strategic partnership with SenseOne, an innovative enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) vendor. Printec sees SenseOne as an emerging IoT player that can make the concept of Internet of Things in buildings a reality. The partnership aims at launching SenseOne’s primary offering, buildingSense SaaS in several key market verticals across South Eastern Europe, including: Retail, Banking, Information Technology, Healthcare, Facilities Management, and the Public sector. To provide an idea of the “Internet of Things in buildings (BIoT)” opportunity, the global market is projected to rise from $20Bn in 2014 to over $80Bn in 2020 according to independent industry analysts.


 Jan 2015: SenseOne won silver in the “2015 Environmental Awards”

SenseOne was selected by the committee of the “2015 Environmental Awards” for the silver award for Energy Efficiency Solutions and Technologies. This award is a recognition of the sustainability monitoring results that our buildingSense SaaS offers to a leading retailer in Southeast Europe.

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Nov 2014: SenseOne participates at Cisco Connect 2014 – Join us to find more about the Internet of Everything!

Jul 2014: Business IT Excellence (BITE) Award 2014 - Best Energy Efficiency Software

SenseOne has won the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Award 2014 - Best Energy Efficiency Software for its buildingSense Energy Management SaaS Suite. Launched in 2014, buildingSense SaaS is an affordable building portfolio-level open solution for remote monitoring and control of building energy behavior. Using the best of breed Internet-of-Things/M2M (Machine to Machine) and Cloud based technologies, buildingSense is a SaaS designed to provide an unprecedented personalized, real time monitoring and control experience by using data streaming techniques up to one second intervals.

Jun 2014: Energy Efficiency Conference 2014

Dimos Giannakoulopoulos, VP Business Development & Sales of SenseOne, participated as a key speaker at Energy Efficiency Conference 2014. The conference was held at Dais Centre in Maroussi, Athens, on June 24th 2014 and brought together Greece’s leading energy efficiency experts, industry professionals and energy efficiency suppliers to share best practices in energy efficiency. Dimos’s presentation "Energy Efficiency Quick Wins: How a Leading Retailer Uses Energy Efficiency Software to Slash Energy Costs" showcased how Marinopoulos S.A. leverages buildingSense SaaS Energy Management suite to improve buildings portfolio energy efficiency.

Jun 2014: Co-funding for SenseOne

SenseOne has been selected for co-funding under the ICT4Growth programme for research, technological development and demonstration of buildingSense project.

Apr 2014: Inaccess and SenseOne deal successfully completed

Inaccess and SenseOne Technologies announce today the completion of the transaction foreseen under their recent strategic cooperation agreement. According to that agreement, Inaccess acquires SenseOne Technologies Ltd (UK), the UK operating entity of SenseOne Technologies and incorporates pvSense product line and solar PV related operations in its global solutions portfolio.

Following the transaction, Inaccess is now monitoring more than 1,200 solar plants with a total capacity exceeding 1.5 GW in US, Europe and Asia.

SenseOne Technologies continues its international activities by promoting innovative Monitoring & Control software solutions for the global Internet of Energy markets.

Dec 2013: Inaccess and SenseOne into strategic agreement

Inaccess and SenseOne Technologies announce today that they have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. Under this agreement and upon completion of the foreseen corporate transaction, Inaccess will have acquired SenseOne Technologies UK along with the pvSense product line and solar PV related operations worldwide.

Following the completion of SenseOne UK acquisition, Inaccess will be monitoring more than 1,200 solar plants with a total capacity exceeding 1.5 GW in US, Europe and Asia.

SenseOne Technologies will continue its international activities by promoting innovative Monitoring & Control software solutions for the global Internet of Energy markets.

Jul 2013: SenseOne Technologies acknowledged as a key player in the UK PV monitoring market

SenseOne Technologies demonstrated outstanding sales performance in the UK PV market in 2012. According to the recent global analysis of PV monitoring market (Global Solar PV Monitoring 2013-2017), SenseOne Technologies is recognised as a key market player in the UK PV market (in terms of new MW monitored).

Source: GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting – Global PV Monitoring Report

Jul 2013: SenseOne Technologies achieves recognition as a dynamic, emerging market player in the global PV monitoring market

GTM Research has acknowledged SenseOne Technologies as an emerging market player globally. The study conducted by GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting (Global Solar PV Monitoring 2013-2017) focused on 66 key players of PV monitoring software and hardware. Importantly, according to the study, SenseOne Technologies has achieved exceptional market rankings in terms of MW monitored in the global utility-scale PV segment (MW).

Source: GTM Research and SoliChamba Consulting – Global PV Monitoring Report

Apr 2013: “Extroversion Award 2013”

SenseOne Technologies received the “Extroversion Award 2013” at Cloud & Green Awards ceremony that took place in the context of the 5th InfoCom Green ICT 2013 Conference held on April 10, 2013 at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens. The company was recognized for its efforts to promote energy efficiency and sustainability across Europe through the use of its monitoring and control SaaS solutions.

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Jan 2013: SenseOne Technologies is nominated at The EUROPAS 2013 Contest

SenseOne Technologies competes in The Europas, Europe's most prestigious Tech Awards, in Berlin 22 January 2013. The Europas have been deemed the premier European awards for early, mid-, and late-stage technology start-ups, as well as leading investors and media. The most forward-thinking, progressive and innovative tech companies will be awarded. 

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Nov 2012: SenseOne Technologies qualified as top 3 finalist in Entrepreneurs Tech Week VC competition in London, amongst 70 companies

Tech Entrepreneurs Week is a leading UK event and conference for entrepreneurs and investors in the technology industry. The event invites technology companies from all fields of technology, from consumer and enterprise software, hardware and architecture, to all web services and mobile applications businesses. The conference and Investment Competitions lasted 4 days (26-29 Nov 2012). All technology businesses were invited, particularly companies that are at the Seed or Venture stage if entering the Investment Competitions. After a three round competition, SenseOne Technologies qualified as top 3 finalist.

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Sep 2012: Solar Power Portal refers to pvSense

Solar Power Portal one of the of the biggest and most reputable digital media portals dedicated to cover the  United Kingdom’s Solar Market,  refers to pvSense : "pvSense optimizes solar from the cloud".

Follow the link to read the article.

Jun 2012: Piraeus Bank selects Energy Monitoring System

SenseOne Technologies successfully starts pilot project for the installation and actively monitoring of the Energy Monitoring System solution at 20 branches of Piraeus Bank.

May 2012: "Green Innovator of the Year" 2012 Award

The company has been selected as the recipient of the Green Innovator of the Year Award under the 4th Infocom Green ICT 2012 Conference. This honor is awarded to companies that exhibit innovation as a core company value.

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